Treating a stress fracture in lower back

A stress fracture, also known as Spondylolysis in medical circles, is the most common lower back injury in sport that is as a result of overextending the lower back. It mostly occurs on growing adolescents. It is also highly prevalent in cricket fast bowlers. The best way to ease the pain of a stress fracture is taking a rest.

How is a lower back stress fracture diagnosed?

The biggest problem with this injury is that it is not easily visible on X-ray until months later. By the time an X-ray image can show the fracture, it may be impossible to heal. The diagnosis can be done through an MRI, bone scan or CT scan.

Physical therapy

The treatment of stress injuries is mostly based around activity modification. The first step of the healing process is interrupting the repetitive overload cycle. The period of rest ranges between 4 – 14 weeks.

During this period of relative inactivity, an evaluation is conducted for the factors that may have led to the stress fracture.

Muscle strengthening is an important part of the rehabilitation process. Strong muscles insulate the bones from forceful impact.

As the bone continues to heal, progressive exercises may commence. The exercises have to be supervised by a qualified physiotherapist. These exercises are geared towards increasing muscle activity around the lower back area.

How can these injuries be prevented?

For a start, sporting activities should be conducted on grass and not hard concrete. Grass minimises the forces being transmitted through the spine. A sports injury is best injury is best treated with sports therapy, from someone with the proper sports massage training.

The intensity, duration and frequency of practice sessions also need to be monitored. If you have to increase the intensity of training, it has to be gradual.

You need to constantly monitor your posture. Seats need to have a back support and staying slumped in front of the computer over a long period should be avoided.

Everything about the disability insurance of massage therapist

Massage therapist are considered to be disabled for the work or job, even when they have primary defects on their hands or fingers. For massage therapist, such silly hurts or defects can cause problems in their career. For those, who have hurts or pain in hands or fingers are not allowed to work on their massage therapy jobs until they are relieved enough to get back to work. For most of the massage therapist, such silly pains or hurts even leads in quiting their job. Thus, they need to have the disability insurance to get a benefit. For some peoples, the disability insurance’s benefit could be life-saver.

When a massage therapist is considered to be disable, normally the payments or benefits that the insurance company gives is around 75% of the therapist monthly salary. And the premium that the therapist need to pay is 25% of his/her gross salary.

However, the benefits or the payment, and the cost, of the disability insurance depends on some factors. Some of the main factors are listed below:1. Total disability- The total disability are catogorized in two: “Own occupation” and “Any occupation”. *Own occupation: If the person is unable to do his/her own duty on his/her job, the person is payed under the condition of the insurance policy. *Any occupation: If the person is unable to do any job or work in any field, the person is payed under the condition of the insurance policy.

2. Age- The benefits that a disability insurance policy pays to individuals also varies on peoples of different ages.

3. Family history: The insurance payment and premium also depends on the family history of the individual.

4. Health Condition: The health condition of the individual is also one of the main factor in determining the payment and premium of the disability insurance policy.

5. Criminal records also plays a great role in determining the payment and premium of the insurance policy.

The disability insurance policy are very helpful for the peoples who are considered to be disabled in their jobs. The disability insurance for the massage therapist could be a live-saver for those, who are considered to be disabled from their job and can’t work onother jobs too.

Tackling scar tissue through deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage, such as Raynor massage, is deeply rooted in ancient cultures. It was practiced by the Greek and the Egyptians long before it was adapted in modern day rehabilitative medicine. Its technique of combining pressure from the hands, fingertips, elbows, knees or other apparatus with friction, to eliminate tension and loosen up the muscles, was also used by Greek athletes. Most importantly though, it has been credited with the ability to break up scar tissue.

Scar tissue is the bane of every person who has had surgery or exercises a lot (because of the scars from the wear and tear of muscles). It forms within the muscles and connective tissue, trapping nerves, and can be quite painful when one moves. The therapist works the muscle to ascertain where the pain is originating from before narrowing in on it and focusing the kneading motion there. Medical practitioners can vouch for the effectiveness of deep tissue massage in eliminating scar tissue, as long as it is done by a certified massage therapy provider.

It must be noted, however, that while a deep tissue massage will do the trick, it all comes down to the technique. There is the option of a using aids during the massage or just bare hands. The Graston technique heavily invests in the use of aids while ART (active release technique) relies on the therapist using the fingers and hands to worry the scar tissue apart.

It is imperative, however, to be careful during the sessions. If done carelessly, there can be more harm done than good. This is the reason why the massage must be done by a certified medical therapist who understands how far to go and when to stop.


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